After you have had an injury or illness that required some time to recover, you are likely going to need to regain your strength and flexibility. Physical therapy can help you regain both, and help you to overcome pain and enable those limbs to become functional again.

Get Your Life Back

Because of your pain and recovery period, it will take a while for you to get back in good physical condition. Physical therapy is designed to help you achieve a restoration to your original health levels before the injury, illness, or surgery.

Recover Faster

The work of the therapists is to enable you to get back to being operational faster than you would on your own. They know the right movements you need, as well as the exercises, to restore that limb and body to a functional state. They are highly trained, and they also work closely with doctors to ensure appropriate movement. This ensures safety and a faster recovery period.

Avoid Surgery

In some cases, physical therapy may be one way you can avoid surgery. If therapy can be used to make you mobile and functional again, then you will likely not need any surgery. Some of the pain may be caused by muscles that need stretching and to be re-strengthened.

Get Back in Your Sport

Sport’s injuries can be devastating and they often occur at a crucial time. They can mean you will need to sit out for a while, but getting physical therapy quickly can enable you to get back into the game faster. Not only can it provide a faster recovery, but you will also learn some things that can help prevent it from re-occurring in the future.

Improve Your Overall Health

Many health conditions, such as diabetes, heart or lung diseases, can be controlled better and symptoms reduced, if you engage in a regular exercise program. A therapist can provide you with exercises that are not only safe, but will also help you get moving again. The exercise can also help to reduce pain and enable you to feel better.

Get Personalized Therapy

Every person’s needs for therapy are different. The therapy is custom-designed to meet specific needs so that you can get back on your feet again and as functional as possible. Our therapists provide one-on-one hands-on therapy to ensure you get the best treatment – and the fastest recovery.

People who have crippling diseases will also benefit from expert physical therapy. Whether they have arthritis, pain in their lower back, or have just become unstable due to age, therapy can provide increased flexibility, strength, and better balance.

At Lower Back Pain Center NY, our specialty is treating patients for pain and helping them to get back to enjoying life again. We provide you with Board certified physicians and experienced therapists to enable you to get back into your regular routine as fast as possible. We have several locations throughout New York City and offer hours in the evening and on weekends to accommodate your schedule.