Low back pain is a fact of life for many Americans today. It can easily reduce your ability to perform many functions and will often limit your quality of life. Instead of merely resigning to a life of pain and low levels of activity, there are several ways it can be treated – enabling you to enjoy life again.

Trigger Point Injection (Intramuscular)

Muscles in the back can tense up and form knots. While these will usually ease up after a while, sometimes they do not go away. This constant tension can cause pain in other parts of the body, too.

A trigger point injection is an injection into the muscle tissue at the place of the knot. The injection is made up of a numbing agent for quick pain relief, and an anti-inflammatory steroid, which is for long-term relief. It is a quick procedure that will usually not take more than five minutes.

Lumbar Facet Joint Injection

This procedure is designed to treat pain that you have in your lower back, upper leg, and buttocks. Most likely, the problem is caused by a lumbar facet joint.

The injection uses just one medication – a steroid that is anti-inflammatory. It is long-lasting, but will usually not start working until 48 to 72 hours have passed. During the procedure, an x-ray machine in real time will be used to ensure accuracy of the injection – and safety. The whole procedure normally takes just a few minutes.

Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Injection

This procedure is given in order to reduce pain in your lower, back, your buttocks, and in your upper leg. It is nearly identical to the lumber facet joint injection, except that the injection will be in your pelvis. The doctor will use a real-time x-ray machine to guide the needle to ensure delivery of the medication to the area needed for pain relief.

Lumbar Radiofrequency Ablation (Lumbar RF)

This treatment is also for pain in your lower back, your buttocks, and in your upper leg. It is a minimal invasion surgery that treats pain in your lumbar facet joint.

After giving an injection to reduce pain, the doctor must use a real-time x-ray to guide the catheter to the exact point between two vertebrae where pain relief is needed. Once in place, electrical energy is applied to provide heat, which will destroy the nerve. It will provide relief for anywhere between 3 to 18 months.

Sacroiliac Radiofrequency Ablation (SI RF)

This pain treatment is for pain that typically radiates down the sciatic nerve, causing pain in your lower back, your buttocks, and thigh region. After an injection, this minimally invasive procedure involves creating heat through a catheter inserted near the nerves and then applying radiofrequency energy. The heat destroys the nerve and provides pain relief for 9 to 14 months – then the nerve usually grows back.

The best treatment for your lower back pain can be determined once a thorough diagnosis of the problem has been made. Each of the above treatments is performed on an outpatient basis by Board certified doctors at Lower Back Pain NY.